Verifiable Evidence – The road so far with our paranormal movies


For those of you who do not know, I’m a member of an investigative team. This subject is more than just an interest to me… it’s a hobby, a passion, heck maybe even a way of life. Over the last two years I’ve created two paranormal movies or paranormal films or paranormal documentaries — whatever you want to call them. ... Read More »

Verifiable Evidence Is Expanding — Crowd Funding!


In 2012 and 2013, along with my team, I created two paranormal documentaries. After screening them in my hometown to crowds in the hundreds we uploaded them to Youtube, and again they were met with great success. Tens of thousands have watched our piece of the paranormal world and hundreds of comments in support for what we do. It’s made ... Read More »

Some creepy things kids say


From time to time I get a story in or I read one online that’s pretty out there. There really are some creepy things kids say.  The ones that really send chills down my back, which rarely happens, are ones involving children. Sometimes they say things they shouldn’t or couldn’t know. I’ve even heard a story or two from my own family ... Read More »

5 random things about paranormal investigators


I’ve been seeing lists going around about random things so I thought “why not make one for ghost hunters?” We want to learn and understand things about ourselves and our environment. sometimes we may go outside of the box but it’s to quench our thirst of knowledge. Part of that is believing that something of ourselves gets left behind. be ... Read More »

Verifiable Evidence 2 Now On Youtube


THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! I hope to make a more in depth post later but for now here it is… Join The Paulding Paranormal Society in the follow-up film to their wildly successful documentary, Verifiable Evidence. Watch the team as they investigate 6 confirmed haunted locations, alone, and hear detailed accounts from the investigators about the real paranormal evidence that ... Read More »

The Future of HauntingReview


This isn’t a bad post, this is a good post… I think. HauntingReview (formerly ParanormalAmerica) has been my baby for so many years. I’ve always wanted to bring my readers the very best I could offer and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing friends help and write articles along the way. While I’ve tried various methods over the ... Read More »