Brigham City, UT – Ghost Child’s Voice (EVP #1)

How to record an EVP

I know I know… this information seems like it’s every where. But in my opinion there are a few key pieces of information missing from most all publications of it. Starting with but not limited to personal experience. The interesting thing, for me, about the paranormal field is it’s one of those things you both […]

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Birmingham Mail

Couple blamed ghosts and spirits in flat after horrific child cruelty led to baby’s death

*eye roll* Despite Birmingham couple Tereza Lackova and Marek Holub’s claims, a post-mortem exam showed Santino Balaz had suffered numerous injuries and trauma. A couple who claimed ghosts were involved in a baby’s death are facing jail terms over their roles in the tragedy. Czech-born pair Tereza Lackova and Marek Holub alleged that tiny Santino […]

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You should start a team now!

When paranormal research and investigation was becoming a thing in the early 2000’s few truly realized how far back it all really went. The introduction of para-tv brought the field into the eye of the public and and all the glory and dissent that goes with such things. The incredibly huge influx of teams being […]

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Why some teams stop short or ignore you.

This perhaps goes out to investigators as much as it does clients. Even the most stout and harden of investigators have fallen into the “no contact” trap. That’s my broad way of saying not delivering case reports, not replying back, and things of that nature. Even I’m guilty of it. You go into this field […]

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