2 New Photos To Blow Your Mind!

Pictures like these tend to chill me to the bone. You may remember our story about The old lady in the window, well this one is similar. Ghostly Images like these where, barring anyone simply lying through their teeth, really gets to me.

This photo was taken at a woman named Liz’s aunts wedding in 1942. It took place in Jasper, AL. First allow me to bring up the dress.
If you look closely there appears to be indentations on her dress. They appear to be larger than either of their hands and have an odd layout. Someone, with hands that large, would have to be laying down to cause the shape and direction these appear to be (in my opinion). Granted it could be a simple clothing cause.

Second point of interest is the girl behind them. Assuming no tampering with the photograph… the face she is making, more so the opening of her mouth, appears to be slightly abnormal than the shape and size of her head would suggest. I have examined the photo closely and you can see her feet. I am not entirely familiar with the style of the era but it looks like she’s wearing a night gown and not a dress.

Here is the original of the photo we have…

I realize with photos like these you guys may think I am jumping the gun. I simply go by what I see and by what I can examine in the evidence. This is a photo of a wedding and while somethings happen at weddings to ruin this, such as someone ruining a picture, it doesn’t happen as often as you would think. That comes from years of experience at attending weddings.

It would be great to have the original examined and tested.

This was a pretty amazing piece of evidence I came across while doing my normal internet surfing. The website I obtained it from had several comments related to it being fake. They claimed no detail, reflection to just plain not seeing it.

I’m not sure if it’s their monitors because I am able to make out great detail. I can see a small boy in a window holding a toy wearing PJs. And I ask, where is this reflection coming from if it is indeed a reflection?

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