Blackpool Waxworks Ghost

ghost face

The following picture was taken at Blackpool Waxworks in August of 2008. Behind the man you will see the face of a woman. Some research was done and it was determined that the face could be of a woman that died in the 1980s and was buried in the city. While I do agree that the image is odd it looks more like a T.V. screen than a ghostly image.

ghost face

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  • Sorry but your information is not as full as it could be..
    The rovers return pub is one of the central venues in Coranation Street, one of the worlds longest running soaps. I am 50 years old and remember watching the soap (which is still running) when I was at primary school. The face in the window is that of Enid Sharples a character in the soap from the beginning in the 1960’s until she died age 85 in 1983. You are right that Violet Carson who played Enid Sharples did live and die in Blackpool.

    The link between the face, and the apparition in the window of the Rovers Return is a lot more significant than just a local woman. Interesting that you say the image looks like a TV screen, and obviously the early episodes were in black and white.

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