Creepy Cemetery EVP Voices

Creepy Cemetery-This is a compilation of EVPs captured on our visit to Elder Abner Ballou Cemetery in RI with our friends Charles Reis and Steve Moreau (ninjacthulhu here on You Tube). Charles had promised to share with us one of the more memorable locations featured in their YT series, ‘Creepy Places Of New England’. Charles, Steve nor this location failed to deliver on this night. Many of the EVPs captured here have not been cleaned up or filtered to death. They have been purposely left as raw as possible so that the viewers may hear that the energies there came through strong enough to be heard on their own. Also, some of the EVPs presented here do in fact sound like the female investigator on location that night. A faux pas on our presenting part, or perhaps mimicking of the investigator(s) by the spirits present? We assure you that all we present here is to our knowledge what we believe to be Electronic Voice Phenomenon. We welcome anyone’s comments and ideas on any audio/technical engineering tool that can positively and without a doubt decipher the difference between living human speech and EVP.

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