Crying Mary Statue in America


Fresno California has the latest case of a statue of the Virgin Mary crying, and the circumstances are chilling.

The statue began its continuous teary-eyed tirade only after the owner died suddenly in the home over eighteen months ago.  The phenomena has been captured on video as well.

“A statue of the Virgin Mary at a home in Fresno, California has been inexplicably ‘crying’ for the last year and a half after its owner’s cousin was murdered!

Maria Cardenas received the statue ten years ago as a Mother’s Day gift and did not notice anything strange about the figure until the tragic passing of her cousin.

Following that unfortunate event, the religious icon began producing a mysterious liquid out of its right eye which rolls down the statue’s cheek like a tear.”

These type of events have been occurring sporadically for millennia, but this latest case in California is one of the few that has been spurred by traceable events.

You can read more and see video of the statue emitting tears over at Coast To Coast AM.

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