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Debunked: Ghost Crossing The Road video

Ok normally I don’t like doing this but I feel I should. The following video is one that has been around for some time and I must admit when I first seen it I believed it. However, while looking for new content I stumbled upon it once again and noticed something very strange… there is a stain on the windshield that is the same shape as the “ghost” and goes into frame at the same time as he begins to cross the road. I have included a screen shot and the video. First the video then the screen shot below it.




Now that you know what to look for I think you’ll see it too. Sorry if this has been previously debunked… I haven’t seen anywhere that shows it being as such.

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Billy is an active paranormal investigator with more than 10 years experience in the field. He's currently the director of The Paulding Paranormal Society and has completed work on two full length paranormal documentaries.


  • Actually I have always wanted to do this. I can’t stand the fake videos and photos especially when I can recreate 90% of them without too much effort.

    • You’d be surprised at how many people believed it was legit. When I originally wrote this a few years ago it was widely accepted. Since then it’s been reevaluated by a lot of sources and is coming around to being seen as fake.

  • Yeah. That looks like bird droppings on the windshield. The camera movement, the car movement, and the “ghost” movement are all in sync. I’ve tried telling the hardcore believers this before. So I’m glad someone else noticed.

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