Demonic Possession, Oppression, and Repression

When you’ve been in the field long enough you’ve seen just about everything. Spirits, human and nonhuman, objects flying, moving, being hit by an unseen force, strange voices, strange feelings and well lets face it I really could keep going.

One thing that always sticks in the back of my mind are the first cases wherein I dealt with Possession, Oppression, and Repression. These stages are all very similar but do have their differences. Possession, Oppression, and Repression are three stages of a demonic entity attempting to take over a human body. While all three may not occur in a single case they are all signs of an attack.

Repression, though the term isn’t very well known, is the power of suggestion. You’re being spoken to, usually asleep, by a malevolent entity in such a way that it disrupts your life. Often times these entities will target those that they deem weak minded and as such repression will have a profound affect on the life of the person.

What To Look For: Check around or ask if the person you’re trying to help as displayed a radical thought pattern not their own.

Oppression is the bodies physical response to the beginning stages of a possession. It moves beyond repression and starts to make them do physical activities through the power of suggestion, and in most cases they won’t even remember they were doing it.

What To Look For: If the person has done several activities that they cannot remember themselves doing.

Possession is a term that most people throughout the world are familiar with. This is the entity invading the persons body, attempting and sometimes gaining control.

What To Look For: Long periods wherein the person is not themselves. They will sometimes refer to themselves by another name. They often can speak a language or several that they have no knowledge of, and there really is much more.

Though I am not very big into the metaphysical way of handling things the best defense I have found thus far for any of the demonic signs is religion. Should you find a case you’re dealing with or be a person who is or knows someone who may be going through this, please look for a professional in your area to consult with.

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  • Chris

    I would also note that some signs may be symptoms of mental illness and needs to be looked at by a professional. I would not jump to the conclusion of full demonic possession until all other causes have been ruled out completely.

  • Adam

    Very well noted, In fact a lot of people believe that Anneliese Michel was actually suffering from a mental illness.

  • Paranormal Writer

    I actually meant to type that in. I got so caught up in the formatting of the text for this post that I forgot to include it. Good looking out!

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  • Carmen ornelas

    This is an oppression all doors are closed to my knowledge I’m married he says he’s saved there is activity here iv done everything my faith is here I want them gone !!!!! and I will not give up or surrender my soul is Gods.

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