Detecting False Positives

False positives. 2 words you that can change everything. From pregnancy to hunting ghosts, the key is always getting it done right the first time, and nothing can ruin credibility faster than a few false positives. Below I’ll cover several examples ranging from dust, bugs, and smoke


As you can see, in some of those frames it can get a little confusing. A great tip to keep in mind is that some cameras have multi picture modes, where it will snap 3 pictures at once with a very short delay. That is very valuable tool to the paranormal investigator for a multitude of reason, this being a big one. With 3 images of the same(ish) shot you will be able to judge a potential flight path and be more able to see if it’s a bug reflecting from your IR or camera’s flash or a genuine orb manifesting itself.

Bugs can also be identified by their entry into the frame. The jury is still out on inter-dimensional moths, so we must assume that they come from some where. So if you see something in you’re video review, play it backwards, and see if you can follow it into the frame. Bugs don’t light up all the time. It’s just a trick of light and it’s real easy to dismiss or ignore non-glowing bugs and forget about them until they hit the light just right.

Black and White Orbs.

I’m going to be honest with you. It’s pretty hard to mistake any of these as orbs. But what’s common sense to one man could be an epiphany to another. So let’s notice how none of them look to be generating their own light at all. Also how none of them appear straight on, always tilted or angled. That of course is because it is dust, catching light.

Colored Dust Orbs

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is almost a no brainer. If you take a picture, and it looks like Jupiter, Uranus, or Betelgeuse is in the picture, it’s damn dust.


Ectoplasm to the untrained eye, smoke is really easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. For instance, notice how off camera you can see the trail of smoke leading to a source. Also notice the car door open. Imagine if you will, some one sitting in that car dragging off a Port. wouldn’t the height of their hand be right around that area? Yes smoke an ectoplasm can look a lot alike, but their differences speak volumes

Smoke is often times, very crisp when not disturbed by air movement. and when it is, quickly dissipates, where as ectoplasm usually is never too crisp and emits it’s own light where as smoke reflects light. The thought behind ectoplasm is that it is in fact a stage of manifestation, so with that in mind it wouldn’t be likely for it to be effected by wind or other variables.

In conclusion

A guide like this is almost redundant. Ghost-Happy hunters, are going to see what ever they want to see and no one will be able to convince them otherwise. While the patient (read Good) hunter will take his or her time and not be afraid to dismiss evidence that’s not 100%. You’re reputation and the reputation of this emerging field of study rests on how you call it. So with that said I’ll leave you with this, “Patience is passion tamed.” – Lyman Abbott


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