Devils Den EVP – Gettysburg EVP Ghost

Me and my best friend take yearly trips to Gettysburg to check out the battlefields and maybe catch some paranormal activity (this being our second trip). Long story short…this was taken at Devils Den at approximately 10:30pm on Monday June 15th, 2009. The park was closed and a Park Ranger allowed me and my friend to stay a little later (thank you)…professional courtesy. No one else was around..the area was closed. You can hear us walking on the paved road and me say, “we’re going to leave now. We don’t want to be a bother or nuisance to you”. Then you hear the voice. Its a whisper. It comes in at 11sec. Please tell me what you think it says. This is our first EVP…thank you. Oh and this was taken with a 360 degree digital recorder. Sounds to us like “Yeah. you better buddy” or “I did better Freddie”

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