private residence-east norwalk-again better heard with earphones or ear buds.1st clip is all of us talking and then someone hears something you will some one say shhhhhh and our investigator move in closer with the dvr.you then hear a voice… coming from that room wich i cant make out.2nd clip you will hear something like almost a robotic type of voice mumble something and the end part sounds like “all night long”.The rest of the clips involve the end of the investigation as we were all talking we started all of a sudden started getting emf spikes on our still emf’ devices.then you hear us asking questions and getting responses from our emf.it goes silent for a couple of minutes and then all of A SUDDEN it scares the heck out of us and all our emf’s start going off at the same time,as we arent moving.This was a crazy last half an hour of an investigation-enjoy

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