EVP Bastille Hanford CA 2-13-11 Ghost say “I don’t Know” and “There are 5”

In Hanford California on 2-13-11 with did an evp (electronic voice phenomena ) session at the old Bastille Jail. We asked if there were in jail to the ghosts and answer was “I don’t know” We asked how many of us were there counting us answer “There are Five” then we caught a possible residule when we caught a gate closing. We as an investigative team tag on the recording, we heard the gate noise on the recording. It has been said that the panasonic 99-rr-dr60 is one of the best recorders to capture evps. In this video Dr. Salo Stanley, Michelle Tedrow, Barb Heintzelman, Jen Dooms, Crissy Cambell Fresno Paranormal Investigatiors from the lightworkers foundation. www.salosounds.com Just sharing information in the Universe.

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