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  • Madhobbit is 100% fraud. Question anthing he does and see how fast he will block you.

    Several people have already debunked his evps but he always screams foul and has their videos deleted or he will cyberbully them into silence. Only one of the several videos others have made of them remains up, Hauntedhoax and that’s only because he remade it and edited the footage of Madhobbit out.

    Also know of a couple of people who paid for psychic readings from him and he stole their money. Not only is he a fake psychic he is also a thief.

    I questioned one of his videos, it was one where he had EVP’s from Prypiat, it just seemed odd that all the EVP’s sounded just like him. I also didn’t understand why there would be all these British spirits in the Ukraine, wouldn’t you think there would be some Ukrainian spirits there? He gave some bullsh*t response that spirits can be anywhere, hmmmm maybe that’s could be true but it still doesn’t explain why only British ghosts that sound exactly like him where there. He did not like that I asked him so many questions and not only did he block me but he deleted his entire video.

    That made me very suspicious of the guy and I started watching him much closer and noticed that everytime someone questions him that he deletes their comments. I don’t think a true psychic/clairvoyant would get so upset about questions.

    Sad thing so many people buy into his crap. He is an attention whore with a Hitler complex (he makes several references to Hitler in his videos) So far he is getting away with fooling people into believing him. Sad thing is the people that are intelligent enough to see through Madhobbit are silenced by him.

    People need to stay away from the phoney Madhobbit. He’s just a loser who doesn’t want to work a real job. He shouldn’t be “educating” people about the paranormal, if they want to know what Madhobbit knows I suggest that they buy How to be a Psychic for Dummies becuase that’s where he learned all his tricks.

    Madhobbit is a total disgrace to all the people that take paranormal research seriously.

    • Wow I did not know that. I’ve read before, I think a comment here, that someone thought the ghost box voice sounded a lot like his own voice, too.

  • funny you should say that, he blocked me after i said the old music in the background was slightly annoying!! i also asked him for advice and he never replied, he is snappy to others and is extremley rude for not replying to those that have serious questions. his evps are too perfect, his ouija board results are too perfect, my mate has done the board for 40 years watched a video and has never even heard of him said he is pushing the glass as he has to take his fingers off cus they get too sweaty!! definately 100% fake.

  • I have a genuine interest in the paranormal, and he (MadHobbit) added me as a friend on fb after i wrote him a message containing some of my own experiences in the paranormal, but sadly when I was on his friendslist I saw that he was as someone mentioned earlier here, rude to people, and did not answer serious questions about the paranormal, serious questions about movies he posted himself, or about his own work, and I also noticed he deleted peoples comments, or even deleted them from his friendslist if they criticized anything, or asked him questions he did not like getting, and from an objective point of veiw I can say that none of the questions that were asked to him were rude in any way. People were just asking realistic serious questions, and rightely so, he of all people should understand that in looking at the paranormal, you look to see if there can be any natural explenation and so fourth, or if there is hoaxters who is trying to fool you. The only times he commented in any positive way was if some one gave him praise without questioning anything.

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