EVP of little girl in my Apt bdrm (with cute kitty pic for good measure)

*Make sure you wear headphones* *The kitty picture is random of my cat Link as a kitten and was the only kosher pic I had of my bdrm btw* I captured this EVP on my Droid using a free EVP app, I will list later if anyone is interested. This is the first time I had tried to use it and towards the end of the nearly 19 minutes I heard a little girl talk twice. I only amplified the volume in WavePad and then clipped it, otherwise it’s untouched. I have experience in paranormal investigations and have experienced hauntings and spirits from a young age. I believe this is the voice of the little girl who is haunting my 4 yr old. He wake up nightly and says there is a scary girl who looks at him when he is alone in his room. * This should be obvious, but I am by no means a professional. I am getting better gear asap too!*

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