Famous NFL Player Says He’s A Believer


One elite NFL defensive player recently spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about a myriad of subjects, including his emphatic belief in the paranormal.


Is Gronkowski just a big wuss?

Rob Gronkowski, arguably the greatest tight end currently playing in the NFL, told Kimmel this week that he’s not afraid of the “Madden Curse”, but Gronk is spooked by ghostly incidents that he has experienced.

“‘When you’re home alone, it gets scary. I don’t like being home alone,’ Gronk said.

“‘You get scared? Really? Because if I was a ghost I would get the hell out of your house,’ Jimmy said.

“Gronk stuck to his guns, though, saying the hotel he stayed in last night was haunted, complete with a “Tower of Terror” elevator. Though Gronk said he had trouble sleeping because of the hotel’s ghoulish nature, he was still in great form for the show.”

It seems that Gronk’s terrifying prowess on the playing field is not indicative of his scaredy-cat personality.


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