Ghost Box EVP: Lucas McNulty

In this ghost box EVP session, recorded on 14th November 2010, I was trying to make contact with a Lucas. In previous sessions I have been hearing the name Lucas being said quite frequently so I thought it was about time to try to directly contact whoever or whatever was saying this name. Be it ghost, spirit or some sort of other paranormal entity, I believe that I got a little closer in finding out where this voice was coming from. Do I believe it is an intelligent voice communicating?…yes…Can I rule out any possibilities?…as ever the answer is no. I can only judge it on my experiences and always try to look at it with a very open mind. One thing I fully believe is that the phenomena known as EVP does exist, where it comes from is the big question.EVP or electronic voice phenomena as it is known is thought to be voices of those passed away trying to communicate with us captured on electronic devices. When trying to capture EVP, you can sit and ask questions or leave an audio recording device in a quiet room. When you play these recordings back, sometimes you will hear voices that were not present at the time, answering your questions or talking in general. This area of paranormal research was popularised when the film White Noise was released in 2005 starring Michael Keaton. The most popular method of capturing EVP is by using ordinary tape or digital audio dictaphone’s or recording devices. One of the pioneers in this field was Dr Konstantin Raudive (1909 – 1974

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