Ghost Hunters Returns!

TAPS is back with an all new season and a much needed face lift. The usual suspects and investigator-in-training Adam Berry return to continue their quest to understand (and mostly strain to debunk) the paranormal…

Complete with new a new intro, teasers of whats next before commercials and revamped title screens, this season has gotten a long over due and much needed facelift. While their locations have been on the decline the last few seasons so far TAPS has done pretty well for themselves this season and the previews for next weeks episode in no way suggests things are going to fall back into seasons 5 and 6 complacency levels any time soon.

New to the team is a very TAPS’d out Dodge Sprinter van, which if I may, makes me more than a little bit jealous.All in all, these first few episodes to me are proof enough the producers of the show are listening to the fans and want to stay relevant on television. I don’t think in anyway these changes are too little too late, and if anything reflect the mindset of TAPS themselves with careful and methodic decisions.

If this trend continues, I will keep watching for seasons to come, and I hope you will too. Be sure to tune in Wednesday nights at 9 for all new episodes!

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