Ghost or Spirit?

It’s widely believed and accepted that a ghost and spirit are the same thing. This is technically true but there are subtle differences between the two and at best it’s meant for classification. Many paranormal enthusiast will tell you that spirits do not like to be called ghost. We’ll be going over why some spirits are called ghost and why the term properly applies to them.

In most cases a spirit is someone who has passed over as they should have or has accepted what has happened to them. They most likely endured a death that, be it painful or not, was meant to be. A natural death if you will. They are generally more kind and cautious when interacting with the living and may even seem helpful. Most reports of spirits are from the family members of those who have passed away.

Ghosts are spirits that have died tragically. In most cases their death was horrible or very unnatural. The event of their death leaves the spirit tangled and even unwilling to accept what was happened to them. Their interactions with the living also are more malevolent and ill-tempered.

It’s important to understand that my statements are a generalization. This may not always be the case but my research shows that it’s the case more often than not.

A good example of the exception would be a young girl dying in a car wreck. Her death is most likely due to an outside occurrence, such as a drunk driver, and isn’t that always tragic? Weeks or months go by and her parents began to notice strange things happening at home. Through whatever means possible, such as a ghost hunting team or a psychic, they find out that she’s been trying to tell them she’s OK. They don’t need to worry and she’s ready to move on.

Ghosts are spirits that need help moving on or help accepting what was happened to them.

It’s important to understand these differences so that proper steps can be taken when dealing with a haunting. Often spirits are around their family members and trying to get a message across. Ghosts tend to be someone, who you may not even know, that is disrupting your way of life.

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  • I have read some of the article on Ghosts. I just want to say, call me a fool or dumb or something but I have a small number, unknown how many at a time lives in my house. This appears to be a holding place for them. They stay a few days or weeks then leave, maybe one or two at a time, then they are replaced. How I know is that at night, some times, I hear voices. In a few days I hear different voices. Also at times there is one that likes me and follows me around letting me know he is there by noise and touch and he helped me turn switches on. I placed my hand on the light switch and it switch on with out me lifting my finger. Also There is a few things that I would like to how they communicate with others or some type entity which may be like them, may be an angel or a leader which looks after them. I have seen a cone shape message come in but instead of going in place where they stay it appeared in my bedroom. It had sound like a person speaking and a lot of electrical busing, in all colors. Also in early morning I can not hear much but there is a sound of a person preaching and talking to them. Can not pick up with a recorder. What are they and where are the bound for, why are they here. Now I am not having any problem with them. The way they teat me is very, very, very good. There has be no scaring by them at all. I have only seen one. It was going through a closed door. It looked smal but I did not have time before it disapered to get a good sighting of it. It was in a white gown. I hope you believe me because it is all true.l

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