Picture Of A Ghostly Pilot

When this ghost photo was taken, it was a hot day at the Fleet Air Arm Station in Yelverton, Somerset, England. Mrs. Sayer and some of her friends were visiting the air field and decided to take a picture of Mrs. Sayer in a retired helicopter. Mrs. Sayer insist that no one else was sitting in the helicopter with her, but one can clearly make out a man in a white shirt sitting in the seat next to her. Mrs. Sayer believes itwas the ghost of a pilot, as she said she felt cold while in the helicopter.

This helicopter was used in the Falklands War, but there is no information as to whether a pilot died while in the helicopter that may explain this ghost picture.

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  • This is an interesting photo but the image is a reflection onto the windscreen of the helicopter since the windscreen frame also shows a bright reflection and there is highlighting on the lady’s trouser-leg.

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    That said,
    Aren’t you, in the same sense, jumping to conclusions as well? You’re jumping to the conclusion (and assumption) that this person “clearly doesn’t remember correctly as to whether or not a person was in the flight cabin with her.”. You might as well assume that everyone with an experience is lying, when that clearly isn’t the case.

    I can say that it’s been my experience, during cases, that most peoples story is by far an exaggerated account of what happened (which is why we use in-depth questionnaires). So I understand your skepticism.

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