Goals, Names, & Members… The first 3 steps of forming a team!

I’m working hard on writing some articles and how-to’s for would be paranormal investigators. These steps should help get you started.

Step 1… Get an idea of what it is you want to do and what it is you want to achieve.
The reason for this is that the paranormal does not solely exist around ghosts and hauntings. The term paranormal is very broad and covers many different fields. You have cryptozoologoy, alien & ufo phenomenon, and ghosts & hauntings. These are your standard fields of paranormal, or at least in the aspect of investigations. So think about what it is exactly you want to do. For the sake of this How To, we will assume it is ghosts & hauntings.

Step 2… Picking a name.
Once you have step one complete, it’s time to pick a name to reflect your future team. General team names involve the area and specialty of the group. Some examples of this would be T.A.P.S, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. The great thing about a name like that is it allows for their team to be very open about where they investigate. That can however cause problems if you’re team is not big enough to handle the case load of an entire region.

Some more teams tend to go a bit more local like The Georgia Ghost Hunters or even more local like The Paulding Paranormal Society. The first involves the entire state and the second involves a county within a state. Some issues can arise with this as, for example, some people may be reluctant to contact a county based team if they are outside that county.

Then there is the choice of non-regional names. A good example of this would be Sci-Tech Paranormal or MetroPI, based in Georgia as well. This is a name that has no ties to a region and are more free to investigate wherever they are needed and choose to.

Step 3… Finding like minded people to join your team.
When most groups first start, they are done so with friends and acquaintances. It’s a good idea to look into your own group of friends for starting members. As your team survives, does cases, and simply exist you’ll get more and more people wanting to join but it’s always a good idea to have some starting members.

Lets say for a moment that you don’t have any friends interested in doing this, another option would be the web. Go visit social networking sites and paranormal boards and post about your team and that you’re looking for members.

Expect the rest soon!

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