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Haunted America: Arizona

Arizona is a state of extremes. You can go from the blazing desert to the cold mountain heights in a matter of hours. If ever you come across a lake or a pond there, you better hope you have the best spinning reels, for the fish there aren’t ones to be trifled with. This place has a feeling of newness with bustling cities as well as age with the Petrified Forests and Painted Desert. It also has many tails of ghosts and unexplained occurrences; some friendly and some not so friendly. Strange things can happen anywhere if you are watching.

Out in the Desert, Anthem, Arizona

Many strange things have been seen out in the desert around the town of Anthem, Arizona. There have been many sightings of a man holding a lantern. The story goes that he was trying to hitchhike to Phoenix when he was struck by a car and killed. Several animal ghosts have been seen in the area also. They are mainly coyotes and deer. It is believed that they were killed by hunters and will try to attack any tourists who attempts to touch them. In 1986, there was a couple camping in the desert that claim they saw the ghosts of Native Americans riding horses and shooting arrows at them.

Cochise County Courthouse, Bisbee, Arizona

The Cochise County Courthouse was built in 1931 and is considered a masterpiece of the Art Deco style. The courthouse has a darker side though. There are numerous accounts of hauntings and unexplained phenomenon. The top floor was once the Cochise County jail. Many people report heavy energies and odd smells in that area. Security Officers often report unexplained voices, slamming doors, and seeing an apparition in a judge’s robe who appears to have no head. The apparition is believed to be the spirit of Judge John Wilson Ross who served from 1931 to 1943. Reports from the judge’s chambers often include strange things happening and the smell of cigar smoke. Employees report many other occurrences in the rest of the building as well.

Oatman Hotel, Oatman, Arizona

Room 15 has been reported as haunted by both guests and staff. Whispering and laughter is a common thing to hear there. On the second floor there is the Theater Room Museum that also has it’s share of stories. The beds often have outlines in the dust of sleeping people but the rest of the area is undisturbed. The ghost of a chambermaid is also seen wondering around the hotel.

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