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Haunted America: Arkansas

Arkansas has its share of fun places and things to do. There is year round fishing, rocks to climb, locally brewed beer to taste, and horse races to go see. There are also haunted places to visit for those who seek out the paranormal or the adrenaline rush from being scared out of your wits.

Liberty Baptist Church and Cemetery, Batesville, Arkansas

During the summer months the ghost of an old woman can be seen sitting in a rocking chair, upstairs, through the window. The gravel road leading up to the front of the church is haunted by a young woman who was killed in the early 1900s. The lights in the church are known to turn on and off on their own but it’s unsure if this is connected to any existing paranormal activity. In the cemetery there are strange lights that are seen at night which may be connected to eports of a little boy who wonders around the cemetery. He has been captured in multiple photographs taken there.

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel was once a hospital that specialized in treating cancer patients and was founded by Dr. Norman Baker. Rumors surrounding Baker say that he buried dead patients under the floor of the morgue and his ghost has been seen wondering around the basement. He had two St. Bernard dogs that went with him to the hospital when they were alive. They supposedly died there and people now report feeling cold breezes on their legs and feeling as if they have been licked by a dog. Other reports in the hotel are of strange sounds that seem like old women pulling their rocking chairs into one of the hallways and sitting around chatting during the night. The ghost of a nurse has also been seen pushing a gurney around the halls. There are also sightings of a business man pushing his wife down the stairs and a school girl being pushed out of a window. And finally Room 218 is said to be haunted by an Irishman by the name of Michael.

Craighead Lake, Jonesboro, Arkansas

A few teenagers went out to the lake one night to drink and have fun. One of the young men decided to go swimming in a non-swimming area and drowned. Since then there have been sightings of a young man trying to stay above the water and screaming for help. Many people have also reported that while they are there, a young man will walk up and start a conversation with them. But when the look away and look back, there is no one there.

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