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Haunted America: California

California is a land as diverse as the United States itself and the hauntings in California are just as varied. There are many cases of ghosts and unexplainable events from one end of the state to the other. Some are just random occurrences and some are major and multifaceted hauntings. Wherever you go, you should be able to find a good story.

Channel Islands University (Old Camarillo State Hospital), Camarillo, California.

Camarillo State Hospital was built in the 1920s and was the state mental hospital until the 1990s. It was bought and turned into the Channel Islands University. Over the years many stories have been told about ghosts and strange experiences at the site. In the dorms, students and staff have reported feeling nauseous, having bad headaches, feeling like they are being watched and not safe, and being very tired. In the Bell tower, an old woman is seen walking around and asking for directions to the chapel. An old woman wearing white wonders around the hallways during the day. A voice in the bathroom whispers “shhhh”. And a second woman in white walks the halls and grounds both day and night. A man is seen spinning faster and faster until he disappears under a light in the parking lot. And many other entities are seen both day and night. This place is a hotbed of activity.

Magalia Depot, Magalia, California

The Magalia Depot was once a train depot but became a restaurant in 1977. The past owners report three spirits haunting the place; a small child, a conductor, and a woman in a housecoat. The only one to have been seen in recent times is the woman and she is the one that is the most reported. Many strange things happen in this place, regardless. Things fall off shelves when they simply shouldn’t be able to. Employees are touched and hair is jerked. A head was seen floating on top of a freezer in the bakery. When one worker went into the bathroom the toilet flushed and the faucet turned on by itself. A new employee was trying to find the light switch on her first day and the lights turned on without her touching anything. A woman was setting tables one night and left the room for a moment. When she came back out, all the chairs were pulled out from under the tables and the forks were turned over on their sides.

Space Ordnance Systems, Santa Clarita, California

Take a right off of the Sand Canyon exit on Highway 14 and you will eventually come to a locked gate. Behind this gate is a abandoned ordnance facility that was used to mix explosives for military devices. Lead azide was mixed in concrete bays with giant mixers. Needless to say, there were plenty of accidents and explosions that killed the men working at the mixing bays. Ghosts of the dead men have been seen and heard running across the field with nothing but their belts and shoes and charred bodies. Lights inside locked buildings turned themselves on and off. The activity became so intense that the facility could not keep any night guards. But the spirits had their good side. Some men working the mixers reported that mysterious entities saved them before their mixing bay blew up. One man even tells a story of being saved by ghosts holding the lock-less bathroom door closed until his bay blew up.


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