Hey! (EVP)

This is my first EVP upload here on Youtube, though not my first upload, or my first EVP! What you will hear: You will hear some silence, then a loud sound that can only be described as a sort of clapping sound. Then, what we assume is a woman’s voice, somewhat muffled, saying, “Hey!” Questions asked prior to the EVP: “Can you please speak into the mircophone?” Location: My home. The house stands on land that was once farmland for a plantation in Bossier City, Louisiana. Paranormal Activity: The house itself is quite peaceful–most of the time. Knocks and taps can be heard inside of the walls, though this I can chalk up to the house’s old plumbing. However, people have reported feeling uncomfortable in the back room, the patio, and the front study. White mists and figures have been seen in the kitchen, and footsteps heard in the living room. On occasion, drawers have been opened and left open when no one is home, and at night the shower curtain has been drawn back. Please leave your comments, skeptics or not, below. If you have an opinion, state it! Please be respectable. Telling someone that they are an “idiot” or that their beliefs are “stupid” isn’t a very constructive way to go about your business.

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