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IMPORTANT: RadioShack Revises Popular Ghost Box Model!

Yep, the reports we’ve gotten from groups and readers alike have been verified. The RadioShack 12-587, a popular model for making the ghost box, has been revised and is now currently incompatible with boxing. The problem is it is now SILENT during scans.

We are not sure when this change was implemented so to be safe we recommend now avoiding this model. As we get more info on this, such as a work around or new model to hack we will keep you updated.

What boxes do you guys use and prefer? Built in speakers or add-ons? Sound off!

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  1. A member from my own team posted that she found the new model for ghost boxing. We’ll get updates as soon as possible on it.

    • [email protected]

      seriously? How do you do it then?

      • Our test with other models have been unsuccessful. In fact, two of the newer models put the scans on total mute after you make the modification. I believe our answer now lies somewhere outside of RadioShack, We’ll post more details as they come to us.

        • [email protected]

          oh :/ ok

          • Yeah sorry :) To me, it seems there’s no reason for them to do that except they didn’t like that their radios were being used in this way. Because it only happens when you make the same exact modification that you normally would.

          • [email protected]

            XD thats ok, the only problem is that well my parents are extreme skeptics so I had to buy the radio in secret by going down to my local radioshack with some friends only to find out it wasn’t hackable! Argh. And I was so close to finally be able to talk to ghosts… :/

          • [email protected]

            I had been waiting for months to finally find a chance to buy it lol

          • Lol understandable. You could try catching EVPs the old fashion way, with an audio recorder.

          • [email protected]

            I’ve tried that but I really want to have a actual conversation without them having problems of using too much energy to produce small whispery words. Though I have tried that a few times and got some strange results. The first one was when I was in France during the Summer and went to a big family reunion where we eventually visited a cemetery so I OBVIOUSLY HAD to try evp :) I got some weird sounds and responses as I read names off of the tomb stones (no one was within at least 10 yards). I got some gulping like sounds, gutteral sounding (ya=yes in German) (I think) and someone reapeating a very clear word (repondar) for no reason. 0.0 I also went to visit a world war 1 and 2 area near the french/german border where soldiers are still being found buried in the forest. I got some gasping noises there and a response to me when I said “we almost imploded (in french when y brother and everyone was walking away)” (because my brother was being stupid in the trenches and we happened to find this shelter within the trenches where he stupidly used a lighter to see arond and then he ran out yelling that it smelled of gasoline) Well anyway as soon as I said that I heard a response: “you think?” clear as day. 😛 (wow I wrote a whole paragraph 0.0)

          • [email protected]

            I also got a little girl’s giggle too O_o which freaked me out

          • I see. I have had experiences like this with the box but I gotta tell you it’s much more frustrating than you think. Just remember, if you do get your hands on one don’t necessarily accept “yes” “no” answers. Try to get them to answer or say other things. One of my favorite tatics is to say something like “Hi my name is . Can you say my name?” and if it comes through it’s insane!

          • [email protected]

            hah Il try that :) I’ve also used this skype ghost box thing but I don’t know if it works too well. You basically just make a call with an account called “Crossovertalk”

  2. So why the vulgarity? It’s too bad society has fallen to the point where this is even remotely acceptable.

    • Hi Adam Smith,
      Thank you for the comment and posting your concerns. My writers have free-will to post as they please and I encourage a humorous take on our postings about the paranormal. Everyone has a different taste in humor and their style of writing is not uncommon in today’s world. I’m sorry if you feel offended by Adam’s take on this subject but my writers are free to express themselves as they see fit with no stipulations to force them against the first amendment.

      If you do not like Adam’s particular brand of writing and humor I would encourage you to check out some of our other writers (and we have more writers coming), or apply to write for our website yourself and add a bit of “class” to the joint, or feel free to visit another website based on the paranormal. We are one of many.

      Thanks :)

  3. It was an attempt at humor.

    Usually I feel we do a pretty good job balancing humor and relevant information all while making it fairly accessible to all. If the language in this article offends you, read another article written by a different member of our amazing staff! We’ve taken the liberty of tagging all of our posts with our names.

    OR, even crazier: become a writer for the site!

    We are always accepting applications and freelance work from writers with new and different points of view.

  4. actually I’m a owner of severe ghost boxes 10 of them being authentic Frank Box from Frank sumption myself it sort of upsets me when people call hack boxes Frank Boxes because they are not…not only do I have alot of his boxes because him and I are very close I have many hack boxes as well and some are actually very good…that one of the reason I was writing to see if you guys were still looking for writers because evps (digital) and Ghost Boxes I am very knowledgeable in

    • If your so damn knowledgeable then come up with a fix for this waste of 37.00 i spent on the god damn 12-587, i had one and left it in montana, already knew how to hack it…so i thought ill call and see if they have any, to my surprise they have 11 of them..so im like “YIPPY” and head over there, fork over the money and say to myself “its on now mother fuckers, im catchin you all tonight” nope, even tho its identical in every which way on the outside there is no pin to bend or remove in the back, so now i voided warranty and just wasted my money…so plz help me figure this out, there has gotta be something we can do about it! AND FUCK RADIO CRACK!! HOW DARE THEY SWITCH UP THE INSIDES OF THE 12-587, and still keep the same model number…thats complete HORSE SHIT, basically if you want the 12-587 and you wanna hack it for boxing…make sure you buy one in a cardboard box, if its in a clear plastic and you can actually see the am/fm radio STAY AWAY LIKE THE PLAGUE! But other than that im screwed..hook me up with one please? If you give me an ORIGINAL FRANK’s BOX, I will in exchange give you a 900.00 OLYMPUS DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER (DVR)… does that sound fair?

  5. Oh I would like to add also if you really don’t know about the subject you sorta look foolish when you talk about something you no nothing about..you would be very very surprised regarding the boxes and evps as well..once again my friends sorta call me the evp lady i just don’t get one word evp..i get people saying my name etc..I will be appearing oh my ghost story where they will be airing some of my evps..I also have my own website,show etc…but enough about me was just giving you alittle back ground one maybe should research better before putting something down..don’t mind me just my opinion…means nothing

    Thanks Ursy

  6. Hi Ursy,
    I have A LOT of experience with ghost boxes. In general, you (maybe lol) might be surprised at the number of real EVPs we get when playing the ghost box and using a simple recorder with it. We’ve gotten voices that are obviously over the scrambled noises and sound amazing.

  7. Really, it’s just the name everyone calls it by, if you went to Walmart or Target and bought store brand cotton swabs, you’d still refer to them was Q-tips, unless you were a pretentious ass, but if that was the case you’d be talking to yourself because no one else would.

  8. and, it’s not a Band-Aid…it’s an adhesive strip.

  9. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I tried to get the old radioshack model, and after opening it up and seeing that it was not possible to hack, I got a different radio shack model (12-588) to hack, and it works amazingly!! You just have to open up the back by removing the external screws and gently pull back the top circuit board. When you do that, you will see a strip of wires connecting the two boards. The 2nd wire from the end (If you look closely, you can see it’s labeled “mute”) is the one to cut. It’s really easy to do, but more inportantly, it works really well. You do need headphones, or a set of external speakers for this model though. I’ve posted the link for the same model on the radioshack website below.

    • Is this an older version or newer version? I bought the model 12-587 & it can’t be modified @ all! So this one is really gonna work?

    • I’ll have to ask one of our writers, Erica, about this. I know she bought a model that sounded just like this and when we cut it, it would scan but it was muted.

  10. Did anybody else read VS’s entire post in The Professor’s voice?

  11. really it took you idiots this long to realize that

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