Jason & MPS

What is your name?
Jason (last name withheld upon request)

What is your teams name? What is their website (if applicable)?
MPS – Metro Paranormal Society

What are your team duties?
I am the founder and lead investigator of my team. What I say goes.

How many years experience do you have in the field?
In MPS, about 3 years. General paranormal field experience would range about 10 years.

What got you into ghost hunting and paranormal investigating?
The stories and experiences those around me were having and had. Before I really got into the paranormal I hadn’t had any paranormal experiences, or I had and not realized it. I’ve come to see now that people who even believe that they haven’t most likely have in one form or another without realizing it. Writing it off as something else, something that makes more sense to them.

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