Little Ghost Girl 2 (Actual EVP Recording)

READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING! I do not accept video responses to these videos, sorry, I’m flattered but no. I am no longer responding to comments, if you have something to say and expect a response then send me a private message. This video receives at least 50 comments a day and I can no longer keep up with it all. Sarcastic or rude comments will be deleted, if you have something to say, say it in a constructive manner. If you think this is fake please state your reason for thinking so. Don’t be stupid and simply say “this is fake” or “you’re an idiot for believing this” please show some ounce of the intelligence I know you all have. Stop bringing religion into this. I don’t care if you believe in god or budha or the easter bunny. Shut up already! Real EVP recording of a ghost in my bedroom. Continuation of the video found here www.youtube.com Responses to most commonly made comments 1. It wasn’t outside, all precautions were put in place to make sure any noise from outside would not be picked up clearly by the recorder. 2. This was recorded back in 2002. I did not have kids as I was only 17. 3. Do not ask me to clean the white noise as the voice seems to be interlaced with it and cleaning it removes the voice entirely. 4. The video is simply that of me using my web-cam to record the playback, not a recording of the actual time the EVP was created. 5. Yes there is another voice, no I can not say it is another ghost. 6. The house has no significant history that

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