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Low Light Photography Method

On top of being super stud webmasters we also practice what we preach, and by that I mean, investigate the paranormal. As investigators, we are always looking for new methods and ideas. A friend of ours from the Paulding Paranormal Society based out of Georgia brought to our attention, a new (to us) method of capturing photographic evidence.

The main idea behind it while IR helps us see in the dark, there’s really no telling how a spirit perceives it, and most shadow play is seen in very low levels of light without high IR fields. So a simple method was developed to cover all but a very small portion of your cameras flash (between 90-95%) with a dense material so a very low level of light escapes. Early trials used a finger, but that couldn’t always be trusted to precisely control the amount of light introduced. From there the method evolved to using electric/vinyl tape.

From there these seemingly empty pictures are post-processed in a program (paint.NET, Irfanview, or Photoshop to name a few) using the simple Auto-Adjust feature. By doing so you’ll notice that some things are brought out that were not there before and can’t be immediately be blamed on visual matrixing.

The following are two pictures that were taken during an investigation conducted on 11-Nov-2010 using a Kodak c140. The first picture is the unedited (albeit cropped) version of the photo, and the second is done using the Auto Adjust tool in IrFanView. It is my belief that the facial features are far to distinct to be simple matrixing.

After being shown this new method I decided to take a few pictures around my fairly new construction, definitely not haunted apartment and see if I could add any validity to this method or show that it’s just a trick of the digital medium. After snapping off quite a few and returning to my computer I found I could not reproduce any of these visual anomalies that were being presented to me. With traction added to this new method I began to wonder, if we are in fact on to something here, what better way to test it out than by asking our readers and making this a large and hopefully definitive group study?

Here’s how you can help:

  • On your next investigation take a few pictures using the method discussed further, type us up a few words to set the scene (high activity, shadow play, etc)
  • Tell us what type of camera you’re using (brand, age, model)
  • Send us an unedited version, and if you’d like, a version you’ve done using the Auto-Adjust Method.

We will give credit and thanks to all those who participate and respect the privacy of those who submit anything to us. So you have nothing to worry about and would be doing the paranormal scene a huge favor! I also feel at this time, it’s necessary to point out that while this has yielded some awesome evidence, we can’t say for sure this method is legit or just cosmically coincidental, and honestly we aren’t hoping for it to fall one way or another. We are just like the rest of you guys, just looking for answers.

And as always, we would love to hear from you! Be it in question form (How do you guys rock so much?) or just plain comments (You guys rock!). The shy type? Well you’re in luck because you can always drop us an email on our contact page!

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