Member Setup, Meetings, & Equipment… Steps 4, 5, 6!

Step 4… Members to consider.
It’s always a good idea to have a diverse team, but this is left to your discretion as well. But some examples of people to look for could be:
The Investigator, follows through on all leads.
The Skeptic, questions everything and looks for “logical’ answers.
The Tech, someone who is good with electronics.
The Case Manager, this is the person who initially deals with the clients. Some people even have theirs call places to do investigations. Many historical places will let you investigate but they rarely come looking for you.

The following are more in the spiritual realm of the paranormal. You may want to keep your team tech and evidence oriented but you can sometimes get great results from using these.
The Religious, this is a broad field from Christian to Pagan. I try to have at least one of each on my team. Sometimes you will find a family or person that wants something done to their home that has to do with the occult.
The Psychic, many dislike this word and refer to them as ‘sensitives’ but it’s the same thing. Everyone knows what a psychic is.

Using someone who practices the occult can be tricky and does leave you open for attack by others. My own personal experience with this was being called “devil worshipers’. This was, of course, done by another paranormal team in a petty last ditch effort to discredit my team. Luckily it didn’t phase us.

I don’t practice this what so over but I like having a diverse team and some of your clients will want or prefer this type of help. Not everyone is one religion or follows one belief.

Step 5… Set up meetings.
Pretty self-explanatory. All teams need to have meetings. The occurrence is at your discretion and the discretion of your team. A standard format, for example, is monthly. Some teams do weekly, some do bi-weekly, some do every quarter.

Generally all business is discussed at the meeting. If your team charges dues, this would be the time to collect them. You also use this time to discuss pending cases, talk about peoples new experience, and try to add a little something extra to each meeting yourself. For example, always have a new lecture, short or long, setup for something related to the paranormal. So your team can learn as it grows.

It’s a good idea, as well, to setup meetings outside of the monthly meetings if you have current cases. All the people involved with the case need to be on the same page and it’s a good idea to go over everyone’s personal experiences and narrow down the cause of what’s happening in the residence or building.

Step 6… Equipment.
When first starting out, you most likely won’t have the funds to go out and buy brand spanking new gear. For the sake of this how to, we’ll assume you don’t.

First things first is find out what equipment you do have and that your team members have and take inventory. Go looking around your closets, the garage, for what else you can find. Here is a standard equipment list:
Pens and paper pads
Flash Lights
Walkie Talkies
Film and/or digital cameras
Tape and/or digital recorders
IR Thermometers
EMF Meter
-Option but useful
Extended microphone for audio recorders, a lot of mics on recorders pick up a metal sound. This eliminates that.

The first 2 listed, you should be able to find around your house. Most people today have digital cameras or at the very least have a film camera. In my opinion it’s good to have both of the ones listed “and/or”.

EVPs are big right now and it’s best to have an audio recorder. Wal-mart sells a great inexpensive digital recorder by Sony that plugs into a computer and has software to put the audio clips on your PC. IR Thermometers aren’t as hard to come by as you think. You can get at local department stores, like Wal-mart, as well now. EMF Meters, be sure to check the internet for. Even eBay.

The best thing about all this gear is that you can find much of it laying around your house. No matter your age, I bet your parents have a tape recorder some where. I’m sure you got 35mm film cameras all over your house. Be sure to check.

Once you know what everyone has you’ll know what situations you can handle.

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