NEW Hell EVP Recording (Not Siberia )

More Recordings at: www.heaven-is-for-real.com New technology is allowing for Authentic Recordings of the other dimension that is talked about in Gods word. Not a fake like the others ….. Turn Up Volume and Use Headphones ! The Angels singing “Holy God” to human souls tormented in Hell or Hades ! If you listen closely to the above recording, you will hear screaming under the singing. I have more recordings of just Angels talking too. Just check out my web site. The lake of fire is for satin and his fallen angels but fallen man-kind will share it if they don’t take Gods free gift of salvation while they can….. Copyright © 2012 Heavenly Audio Ministry. All rights reserved.​ No part of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of its author. Audio on this page with out permission of Heavenly Audio Ministry.

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