Orbs… why you should ignore them.

It’s no big secret. Talk to people you know, look online, and even on T.V. and you’ll see orbs. Everywhere orbs, orbs, orbs….
I’m here to tell you to avoid them, ignore them, and even discard them.

A safe assumption would be to always assume pictures and videos of orbs are false. In nearly every case of orbs it’s either dust, water, or bugs. So many people are quick to assume any picture of an orb is a real picture of a ghost. They aren’t!

True orbs are very hard to find no matter what anyone says. Here are some shots of false-positive orbs. Notice how similar they are to pictures you have seen of “real orbs”?

Q Is there any way to know that I have an orb?
A As I have so adamantly stated above, avoid them! But if you insist on working with orbs there are a couple things you can consider.
– 1. Orbs will always be a perfect Sphere shape.
– 2. Orbs will contain their own light source.

I know this may not seem like much of an article and I guess it isn’t. It’s more of a plea to would-be ghost hunters and people already in the field… stop with the orbs already. If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say 99.7% of all pictures in existence today of “real orbs” are false.

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