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Do you prefer newer equipment, with features and options and bells and whistles, or tried and true equipment with an on and an off button with a taped down battery lid?
And for those dinosaurs out there (myself included) a follow up: What would it take for you to upgrade?


Let the debate begin!

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  • For me personally I’ve had the privileged of trying both old and new equipment and in most cases owning them. I have to say that I get more success, be it audio, video, photo, or other, with older equipment than I do with newer.

    There are 2 sides to that coin, still.
    Some believe that the older equipment, say for digital recording, has a better chance of getting an EVP do the low laying background noise automatically generated when using it. Thus creating a larger chance for a successful capture. A lot of newer digital records have filtered that out.

    The other side is that some believe the older technology is flawed in a way where things are easily mistaken and believed to be a legitimate EVP when it’s actually random noises that go uncounted.

    For me personal, when I get a “hello” or “get out” on my old digital recorder the likelihood of it being a random noise going uncounted is faille when it’s a distinct Class A EVP over something that’s harder to distinguish as a Class B or C.

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