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Question Of The Week: 22 July

This week’s question might just hit a nerve!

Is it morally acceptable for paranormal groups to charge for their services?

One of the many beautiful things about living in this great country is that there is always a way to make a buck, and always someone wanting to spend one. However, what do you think about groups who charge for their services? With so much room for fraud, and the reputation of every active group on the line, should they be allowed to?

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PS: Damn, I love Google. I just typed in Ghost Dollar and biff, that image popped up. Hilarious.

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  • I’m all about America and the right we all have to take advantage of idiots, be it through extended warranty plans or allowing them to buy a Toyota. However in this case, I think we all need to remember that most of people doing the hiring aren’t looking to see what their haunt is about, but looking for a family member.


  • I don’t think they should charge for their services. There is no way in saying that its worth anything at all. I think the paranormal group should be excited for the chance to get more experience and evidence to learn more about the field. I think charging would just lead to scamming or groups that want to do it just for the money instead of helping out the victims.

  • Psychology is a field that is not based in science either. It’s all theoretical. Maybe they shouldn’t charge the thousands of dollars they do either? Maybe psychologist should be excited for the chance to get more experience to learn more about the field. I think charging would just lead to scamming or people that want to do it just for the money instead of helping out the victims.

  • Until paranormal research is proven scientifically beyond any doubt and is fully accepted as such, into mainstream biological/scientific communities, I think it would be unethical to profit from these services, but then who’s definition of unethical are we using…I think I will consult my online ‘psychic’, pay $250 per minute, and I am positive they will have a better answer than I…hmmmm

  • It’s an expensive field to work – what with time, travel, and proper equipment – then to not make anything off of it seems so rough. I’ve never made a penny for it, but I sure wish I had. But you’re absolutely right. Fraud is out there. And then there are those who want to believe so much, that they credit anything to a paranormal experience. It’s also about credibility. If someone pays you, and you prove your legitimacy, they are likely to make note of it to others. But then again, maybe not. This is a tough one. I guess I would say that I would love to get paid for this, but I don’t.

  • I have and never will charge. I always found it funny when paranormal tv shows always push the “we don’t charge for our services” – well the network paid for your travel expense and those new SUVs you drive were not free, they paid for your hotel rooms, meals and I’m sure you are not doing the tv show out of the kindness of your heart. Traveling 3,524 km (2189 miles) on your own dollar (as I did one summer) plus hotel etc, does get costly but if you can work out a small vacation it does soften the blow. I do it because it’s all research and I travel with my equipment so I am ready. Personally even if someone offered me money I wouldn’t accept it and I always say “thanks for letting me gather the information” when I leave.
    I’m sure I could have a nice little income flow if I charged for investigations or charge people for ghost hunting classes. But thats not me.

  • Agreed Stephen. It’s amazing to me that there are still groups that DO charge, because so much of the paranormal community doesn’t. Most times you’d have to go out of your way to find a group who does charge! It still makes me laugh (and bring a tear to my eye) when I come across a group or individuals website who wants to charge for doing the same thing that countless other groups would be more than glad to do for free.

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