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While doing my usual rounds to find some material to post for you guys I came across a picture again and again. It’s one that I’ve seen for years and have always questioned. I thought it would be a good idea to post it here and see what you guys think. Here is the background of the picture, sometime in the 90’s a guy took a picture of a friend dressed up in western clothing. We’ve all seen these, especially on vacation. The type where they dress you up and take sepia pictures of you to seem western.
So the picture, the man standing in the front is obviously the friend. Now in the background there seems to be someone (a kid seemingly) that by all accounts was not present during the picture. Supposed recreations of the picture have come up null, as they have determined that someones legs would show up in the photo and the person in the background’s doesn’t.


I don’t know about you but I find this one questionable. I admire their attempts at recreating the picture but personally I would have to see this for myself. I have a lot of experience with the paranormal and it just seems like someone in the background, not aware that they are having their picture taken. What do you think?

As a friend just pointed out, it does look just like someone standing there. But then we both noticed how he appears to be dressed up in western clothing. Now to me, he doesn’t look any older than a medium aged teenager. In my opinion not old enough to work there. This is just my opinion though and for all I know he could be of age. The most interesting thing is that he is dressed in the attire related to the area of the time that the picture is suppose to reflect… hmm I got some thinking to do.

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