Real Scary Ghost Communication Best EVP Footage EVER! PSB7 Spirit Box Ghost Box CON-TACT Paranormal

This is some of our best Spirit Box communication to date! Join Bill Paranorbill Connelly, Chris Conlon, Christie Weber & Adam Strahley the CON-TACT Paranormal Research Team as they use the new P-SB7 Spirit Box Ghost Box. The video is real-time communication between the CON-TACT Team and the other side. These 2 clips are from 2 recent investigations in April 2010. You will be AMAZED at what will hear. Nothing in these video’s have been altered or tampered with in anyway. These are 100% real spirit communication through this amazing device. PLEASE USE Headphones for best listening quality. This is some of the Best Electronic voice phenomenon ” EVP ” we have captured to date! If you would like one the are available at www.paranorbill.com

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