Remaining Objectionable As A Ghost Hunter

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Being a ghost hunter, you have to take several things into consideration. And really those things depends on what kind of ghost hunter you consider your self. There are those that go metaphysical, there are those that go purely technological, and there are those that try to find some sort of balance between the two.

Ghost hunting can be a fun and exciting field, or hobby really, to get into. There’s nothing more amazing than getting your first EVP, first positive photo, or video. It’s truly a great feeling and that reason alone is why I would encourage people who will take it seriously to get into it. There are some things you need to always be aware of on a case.

1) Sound

Some noises are often associated with the paranormal such as talking, whispering, doors opening/closing, and even foot steps. Often these are simply natural noises that people are confusing for supernatural occurrences.

2) Temperature

Too often a temperature drop is associated the paranormal with the investigators not truly bothering to take into account the actual temperature, near by air vents, fans, and so forth. This isn’t to say that a temperature drop will never be associated with a supernatural event but too often natural and supernatural cold spots get confused.

3) Visual

Small movements in a dark room, Corner Of The Eye sightings, and others are often associated with a supernatural event. More often than not, this tends to be a natural occurrence that gets attributed with something paranormal when actually the investigator is simply not taking the time to properly rationalize the situation. Never forgot that a real paranormal investigator will maintain a primarily skeptical outlook on the case and situations that occur.


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4) Evidence

Evidence is a cornerstone, if not the cornerstone, for most investigative teams. But often investigators will not take the time to create a comparison playback to compare voices thought to be EVP but voices of the investigators on scene. And too often we hear EVP recordings with team members whispering and often it’s obvious that it’s a team member and the recording is being confused with a supernatural event. The point of number 4 is… create controls and always double check your data.

5) Feelings

I do my best to keep metaphysical practices out of my own personal cases but no one can deny that “feeling” they get on a case. Trust your feelings and instincts but always keep a slightly skeptical outlook on the case as a whole.

6) Physical

Requesting a spirit to touch you is a common practice with many investigators. But too often the feeling of being touched, grabbed, pulled, gets confused and is attributed with a supernatural occurrence rather than remaining objectionable and checking whether an object around you may have grazed you, or your loose clothing, jewelry, hair, and so on may have been the cause.

This is certainly not as in depth as I would have liked to of been and in the future I will most certainly  but in the team time I hope that you gained some insight with this post. The idea behind it is to remind you that.. for us to legitimately push this field forward we have to question everything, even ourselves.

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