Rob Dyrdek’s Phantasm Factory?

On last night’s episode of  Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, the ever-eccentric Dyrdek prodded his loyal cohorts  Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Chris “Drama” Pfaff,  and Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff into a night-time ghost hunt at the notorious Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles in an attempt to commune with a spirit that had been pestering their receptionist/eye-candy Chanel “West Coast”.

In true, over-committal Dyrdek-fashion, Chanel’s otherworldly bother became the focal point of the episode, with Rob himself vowing to remedy the situation, first by simply demanding that the spirit leave her alone – a pretty sound tactic for a skateboarding-based reality show – and then by employing  a couple of completely awful “mediums”.   The program did well to expose a bit of the “psychic scam” by highlighting their second specialist’s numerous attempts to grab a name out of thin-air for Chanel to recognize.  This was, predictably, accompanied by a bit of dramatic “channeling” that more accurately resembled an epileptic fit than a bit of supernatural communication.
After coming to the simple conclusion that their previous attempts to assist Chanel had failed, Rob resorted to doing what he does best; Cast his band of young entrepreneurs into uncomfortable situations.

Armed with Destination Truth-style camera rigs and a tri-field EMF meter, the group set out for a night-time exploration of the hospital, hoping that it’s purported “portal” to the other-side would allow Chanel to more effectively procure peace from her pestering phantom.   While a majority of the visit was really just an excuse for Rob to frighten his muses, there was a very genuine feeling of closure at the end of the episode when Chanel got tough and confidently demanded to be left alone.

As would be the case in any show not specifically catered to the paranormal, there were some prominent pieces of misinformation strewn about the episode in regard to ghost-hunting, but the general demeanor and knowledge-base of the cast was impressive.  Rob Dyrdek is a believable man in unbelievable situations, and his authentic enthusiasm is enough to keep even the most hardcore paranormal stalwart from cringing at this episode’s antics.

Oh, and Rob managed to give us all a good laugh by presenting Chanel with a souvenir from the experience. 


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