robert johnson & the crossroads

Robert Johnson was a delta blues man and considered to be the father of rock ‘n roll. He was said to have an extraordinary talent seemingly overnight. He has several songs that mention the crossroads, hell hounds, and things like that. A few of them are:
Cross Road Blues
Me And The Devil Blues
Hellhound On My Trail
and there are a couple others if I recall.

The legend has it that he sold his soul to a demon at a crossroads for his talent. The story rings true by the numerous songs he wrote about such an event.

The most interesting thing noted is that there are only 2 known photos to exist, below is one. I am posting this, especially, due to the extreme nature of the photo. In the top right corner is the imprint of a face, believed to be demonic. Is this the haunting of a man of legend or simple matrixing due to the background? You be the judge…

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