Seeing ghosts ain’t easy

The age-old question, “why can some people see ghosts and others can’t?” seems to be making it’s rounds again. Is it race, age, inhibited growth, or something more? I guess the real answer would be that, like we humans, there are going to be very different reasons behind why some can and others cannot. But Michael Jawer and Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD decide to take a crack at it in their book The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion. They believe it has a lot to do with ones emotional being. Not just their current state but perhaps their overall state.

Science Blog says,

As surveys consistently show that anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of the public say they’ve had an extra-sensory experience — with nearly 25% of respondents stating they’ve actually seen or felt a ghost — anomalous perceptions are nothing to shrug off. “People have had these experiences down the ages and across all cultures,” comments Micozzi, a physician and anthropologist. “They’re quite universal. What we’ve begun to document is that there’s a certain type of person most likely to experience them.”

The research goes further into saying that the body and mind are unified and while the emotional being is a huge component that it’s also about personality types.

The researchers posit that brain and body are effectively unified — a perspective taken by the pioneering field of psychoneuroimmunology — and that highly sensitive people react more strongly than others to what they’re feeling as well as to incoming environmental stimuli. This raises the possibility, Jawer and Micozzi assert, that subliminal feelings and other environmental nuances could be picked up by individuals who are sufficiently sensitive. A reputedly “haunted” place, therefore, could exhibit stimuli that register more with certain people and less with others.

But I can tell you in my experience it’s hardly ever that simple. People have different abilities (and I do not mean in the metaphysical sense, necessarily) and we all handle different environments, people, situations differently. Ask yourself this… why can some people HEAR ghosts but others cannot? Does this extend to that?

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