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Set of Universal Standards and Protocol

Do you mean a set of standards and protocol that all paranormal teams must abide by? Yes! Why? Because I am tired of the “caca del toro”,for lack of a better word, that is going on in the paranormal field. Has anyone watched some of the paranormal evidence featured on Youtube lately. It’s crap, and don’t get me started on investigative methods.

We all want to be accepted and treated as  legitimate researchers and investigators . How do we go about achieving this with all these retards running around posing as paranormal investigators.  Easy, we embarrass them at their next public event or public investigation. I am going to give a few examples of the BS I have been dealing with lately. Fake EVP’s- I have seen a few on Youtube lately that say things like “You are doing a great job with the team”, “Those jeans look good on you”, and “The color of that top really brings out your eye color”. What the fudge? Most of the time you are lucky to get a simple “Yes” or “No” response to a question. How the hell did you get the entity to comment on your clothing or how well your team is working together? Please tell me. If you do I can validate that ghost do exist and be able to 100% without a doubt prove who is haunting you. If you get that kind of detail I should be able to get a full name, Social Security Number, and date of birth from the entity, but guess what it ain’t happening.

A few other things I have run across lately are CHILDREN, yes children as investigators. Teams featuring one to two adults and children. Honestly, I don’t care if you are their parents but DEFACS needs to be notified. Are you so desperate for popularity that you are willing to risk the mental and emotional stability or your or someone else’s children. I do admit I had my first experience as a child as most people do and it scared the bejesus out of me. I have been notified of a group locally who is performing  house blessings with a bottle of store bought Dasani water and anointing ceremonies with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for a cost of $50 per ceremony. When confronted on the issue , their reply was bottled water is clean so it’s Holy and the oil is Holy because it’s Extra Virgin. Are you serious? This pisses me off for two reasons: Number one, this group is relatively new with only a few months experience. They had to ask questions on how to operate certain equipment, what the hell made them feel qualified enough to perform a religious ceremony? I believe the ceremonial side should be left to the professionals, i.e., priests, rabbis, monks, or other religious figure heads. Honestly, I wouldn’t be comfortable letting someone I have no clue about how devout they are to their religious beliefs, much less what their religious beliefs are bless my home . The second reason this really ticks me of is that it is done at a profit.It is a scam. $50 for a house blessing, your local priest will do it for free and they fact they have the necessary materials and knowledge .I know of another group whose primary investigation tool is a lit candle. the flame is leaning to the left so that means the ghost is in the bedroom on the left. All you idiots are finding are drafts not paranormal activity.

I am not saying that the metaphysical does not have a place in the paranormal. I believe the science and metaphysical can work together but,  before your crystals or feelings tell me there is a ghost in my bedroom have a piece of equipment to back it up. It would be much more believable that way. I believe that teams could get together by state, county, general region, or country and talk about a general set  of guidelines that could be voted on and accepted by all of them. It would help keep everyone honest and it sure as hell would make us look more professional.I know all I seem to do is rant but I am so tired of picking up the paper and reading an article featuring a local team that admits to breaking and entering and similar things in said article. I am tired of seeing or reading about a team getting  arrested  for trespassing. I don’t care about the popularity or media exposure. I do this for my own reasons not to be on TV or in the paper.

All I have to say is if you are part of a group committing the above actions watch out. I may show up at your next investigation or event,being most of you post on Social networks exactly where you are investigating and make you look like an ass not that you need any help with that when it comes to an educated individual. This concludes another one of my rants and I promise to one day post my tech articles on building your own IR digital cameras, geophones, and similar devices as soon as time allows me to.

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