SyFy Announces New Ghost Show


Mark Burnett, of Survivor and Sarah Palin’s Alaska fame, is teaming up with Seth Jarrett, the man behind Celebrity Ghost Stories to bring us a new ghost show on SyFy!

Currently titled ‘School Spirits’ the show will focus on haunted schools around the country (possibly world) while interviewing students, staff and giving a history of the haunts. SyFy’s original programming president Mark Stern had the following to say, “Paranormal encounters at high schools and colleges often become legendary stories spanning and touching generations..”

Sounds boring as hell, thoughts?

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  • Sounds too lame. Paranormal TV has jumped the shark and should now go away. No, wait. Let me rephrase that. They have jumped the shark, came back, had sex with the shark. Urinated on it. Killed it. Then fed it to King Kong.

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