tantallon ghost

Tantallon Castle is located in East-Lothian near North Berwick, Scotland. It was built by William Douglas in 1358. Today it stands as a monument to times past. Though mostly a shell, there are a few spaces that are still enclosed that allow tourist to get a feel for what it was like many years ago.

This photo was, supposedly, taken in May of 2008. It shows a figure in period dress peering out of a window. If you look at the other windows, you can see the sunlight and other parts of the castle. Notice how there are no bars covering these windows and the window with the figure has bars. The reason for this is to keep tourist from falling out of this window. Therefore, it is safe to assume that there is a stairway located in this section, giving way to many questions about authenticity.

The original picture and story was posted in The Sun Magazine and they claim to have had experts examine the photo for altering. None was found. Is this a photo of a ghost, or is it a prank that has gotten the attention of the world?

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