The Ghost Behind The Girl

The following image is actually an interesting one. You will see a young girl posing as she gets a picture taken. When you look at the fireplace behind her, on the glass specifically, you will see the “reflection” of a woman.

Now anyone’s first thought should be “it’s just the reflection of someone in the room” but look closer… she has something, a purse?, around her arm. She dressed for something more related to the outdoors and it even looks (to me at least) like she is sitting on some rocks.

Furthermore, the clothing of the young lady and the surrounding room doesn’t seem to match the style of the woman in the reflection. They all seem more modern and she seems like she is stuck a few decades ago.

I realize I may be reaching… so tell me what you think of this ghostly image.

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  • I realize some of the “rocks” I might be seeing is stuff in the fireplace. But look harder, it looks like she is sitting on them.

  • It looks like the woman in the reflection is wearing underwear and a sports bra to me. But I do agree with you on the era difference. She does look like she’s from another time era. It would be great to know when the picture was actually taken.

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