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The HR Files: Mists In The Woods

The following two images were taking during an investigation conducted by Billy and myself late March/early April of this year, in a secluded abandoned cemetery named White Oak outside of a small town in Georgia.

The investigation was going really well despite forgetting the piece of equipment we wanted to test out (a really bad ass laser grid). We were seeing lots of shadow play, hearing whispers and talking at times, and had 2 very responsive ghost box sessions.

This first picture was taken during the first session when it was made very clear the ghost box was upsetting them. As the atmosphere grew more energized and uncomfortable Billy made an offer, say our names (Billy and Adam) and we will turn it off. 2 separate voices (one male, one female) almost back to back took him up on that offer. The female voice which was the later of the two took it a step further by saying ‘turn it off’. Upon hearing these voices I felt a presence to my left, as if some one walked up next to us. I quickly snapped the following picture.

The next picture was taken shortly after. In another spot of the graveyard, we were conducting the second session with the ghost box. We weren’t getting any hits so I shifted by line of questions. “It must have been a long time since you’ve seen yourself last. If you stand in front of me I will take your picture and you will be able to see yourself. Will you allow me to do that?” I asked the question 4 or 5 times in a row, taking a picture after each instance. On the 3rd time we got this picture.

A few points to note about these pictures, It was about 65 degrees. After seeing both we tried to capture our breath on camera to see if we could reproduce the look and style of these mists. That wasn’t happening. You may note some green dots in these pictures. That is pollen getting caught  in my flash, any one who’s lived in the south for a summer knows ’bout some pollen. While both Billy and I have been known, to on occasion *ahem* smoke a cigarette or two, we know all to well not to smoke during an active investigation (especially when equipment is rolling). A ground rule we set during smoke breaks are no film or pictures taken while and 5 minutes after smoking and we scout a designated smoking area (usually a car with the windows up to further help against contamination).

Over all it was a great hunt. Battery drain made victims of both our digital recorders 1 hour and some change into the start so we were not able to capture any EVPs.
Video yielded no positive hits.
With the exception of these two pictures it was almost entirely personal experiences.

But you know what? Sometimes those are the most fun.

After it was all said and done we were learning against the car having a smoke, our angled flash light with the red lens was sitting on the roof between us shining out over the graveyard, we were comparing notes and watching for any more shadow play. We were talking about how during the 1st ghost box session how uncomfortable things got to feeling, and how it seemed as if it was genuinely pissing something off. Then out of no where, the flash light between the two of us is knocked off the roof of the car, with considerable force. Enough to take it from the middle of the hood to about 5 feet away from the car. We then apologized, thanked them all for a great night and went home.

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  • While we appreciate comments and opinions I have to ask, did you view the high res. versions? There’s no pixelization to be seen, and in the high res version you can see the mist in the 2nd picture doesn’t skirt the branch at all.

    The only ‘effect’ used was color-correct. I’d be more than glad to send you the full-size, original photos as they were taken by the camera for you to inspect.

    -Adam G

  • Krist,
    I’ll update him that you want the originals but I can assure you this is far from photoshopped. It was visible while reviewing photos in the camera. He had came through here to see me for a couple nights with his family on their way to their new home on the other side of the country. He wanted to check out this particular spot I had been talking his head off about for years. While I’m not saying this is “paranormal” I am saying that this is def. 100% not photoshopped.

    I use a program called Infranview which has an “Auto Adjust Color” feature. This feature simply moves color blocks (or pixels) up the scale on brightness. It’s an easy, and free, method of lightening photos. The program has no features similar to any photo-editing software, say for auto adjust, grey scale, and color swapping. You should Google the program and check it out.

    I do appreciate that you’re attempting to debunk this as we went through it in our minds as well. The strange thing is I have a similar photo taken years before in almost, but not quite, the same spot of nearly the same thing. Could this be environmental then? Of course, but there are no streams, creeks, or other water sources nearby and as Adam stated in the post smoke wasn’t a factor in these photos.

  • A tree fart? Nice. Anyway, we thought it could be breath at first too, so we tried to recreate it by huffing and puffing in various manners. No dice.

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