This could be anything…

This is a video in which the shooter(s) claim that a ghost appears to be trying to sneak past them. You’re looking for a white moving object at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t scrutinize this a little bit more, especially the people who shot it. It looks more like something that may be on the cameraman or a body part than anything. Read their information on the video if you want to @ but I have to highly question this piece of evidence. After reading the “more info” they seem to be making a lot of assumptions rather than looking at the facts. You be the judge…

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  • Hey PA.

    Ive seen this video a number of times, mostly as submissions by people wanting to know more of it.

    This is a very clever piece of quite possibly unintentional misdirection. A technique often used by magician to divert your eyes to something else while they prepare the next stage of the trick.

    The thing to look at in this video is not the ‘white’ image, but its reflection on the toilet door.

    Freeze frame at 00:22 secs then you can see the arc of what could be the back of someone crouched over, ducking beneath the camera. Watch it again but look at the reflection.

    But then…… I could be wrong!!

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