Thought Projection & EVPs

Let me set the scene for you. An active location with more knocks and bumps than a Ford engine, you look to your teammates and it’s a clear consensus, time for an EVP session. All is going well, you wrap up the investigation and hit the lab for analysis, but what you find doesn’t quite add up. It’s happened to many of us during investigations and is just another layer on the mystery surrounding the electronic voice phenomenon; an answer to a question no body asked…. yet.

EVP’s in a nutshell suggest that a ghost can ‘speak’ to you by focusing it’s energy on the recording medium sometimes with some help from a little white noise. It’s all but a proven science as far as I’m concerned, but as paranormal investigations are becoming more main stream and new groups starting every day, we are starting to notice a strange occurrence. Answers to questions before they are asked, or not even asked at all.

Let’s start off by looking into skimming over how human thought works.

Your brain has literally billions of cells called neurons, and each of these cells act as small electrical circuits, with an on and off position. Let’s say for instance you see a burrito. The light reflecting off the burrito going to your eyes striking the neurons, this sends a chain reaction of neurons switching on and off throughout your brain. The areas with past experience with burritos will be the most active and as our mind has an almost infinite number of tracks once we recognize the burrito for what it is, our brain will start branching off through our memory in search of things related to burritos; mom’s cooking, that awesome place down the street, penis jokes. It’s all there.

As unrelated as the previous paragraph may seem, recognizing and understanding the burrito happens in less than a nanosecond and all of it on a fairly subconscious/low brain level, meaning it required no thinking or concentration from us. Now, imagine concentrating on something, choosing your words wisely, all of your other senses actively engaged in the here and now of a given situation. Senses heightened, muscles at the ready, and all you’re doing is listening, and asking questions.

See where I’m going?

Thought is an electrochemical reaction, happening thousands of times a second without even realizing. Now harnessing that energy and effort and focusing on a single question could potentially be a form of energy spirits can manipulate or understand. This could also be used to suggest why in the presence of stronger, and more often than not, malicious spirits we feel drained. Our energy is something they can harness. Ever have a demonic call out you or a loved ones name without you even mentioning it?

Our brains could be bleeding out energy in the form of random thoughts in the same fashion as an old house with crappy wiring bleeds out high EMF levels. Consider that a man made EMF field can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and other serious (although temporary) conditions in those sensitive to it. And what do we strongly believe ghosts exist as? That’s right baby, an Electromagnetic Field.

So if a man-made one with no free will or conciseness of its own can effect us in those ways, a naturally occurring one with free will could have no problem at all manipulating our brainwaves to the point of deciphering the electric signals that comprise our thought and answering our questions before we ask, and if they can do that, what else can they do?

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