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We’re about to start a Paranormal America newsletter. We are looking for some people who would be interested in writing a few articles on the following topics:

News – any new stuff in the paranormal world?

E.V.P– show off some great e.v.p. you found or tell us about new techniques or theories. Or critique existing evidence.

Video– show off some great video you found or tell us about new techniques or theories. Or critique existing evidence.

Photo– show off some great photo you found or tell us about new techniques or theories. Or critique existing evidence.

General Gear Technology– Go over a single or multiple pieces of equipment. specs, uses, ect…

Unexplained Phenomena– This should cover ideas and theories about unexplained events.

Theories– Critique or support existing theories in the paranormal world.

Personal Stories / Experiences– Find someones experiences and write about your thoughts on it. An interview would be great!

Please note all these topics need to be related to the paranormal field, preferably GDH’s (ghosts demons hauntings)

We will allow any 1 (one) writer to write about 2 (two) topics. Each article needs to be a minimum of 200 words but no more than 500 (unless more is necessary). This is your chance to get your material out there and become a published writer.

The newsletters will be sent out via email to subscribers and available to see on our web page. Frequency of publishing yet to be determined. We are thinking once a quarter (3 months). This should be more than enough time for our writers to get their articles down and ready for publishing.

Please Contact us if you’re interested and what topic you would like to write for. No prior writing experience is required but we will expect you to type well and spell check your data before submitting it to us. Please note that we may have to reply back to you using our gmail account.

Terms of Service:
-The article is yours. Your name (first and last or only first if you prefer) will be included with the article. We would also like a face photo of you but this is not required.
-Though the article is yours, it is being published and distributed by Paranormal America. By doing this, we have the right to publish and distribute it as we see fit.
-This newsletter is at no cost to subscribers.
-Writers will not be paid for their articles to us. The upside is that you get your name out there and stuff published. You will be a published writer.

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  • another question in regards to distribute a you see fit..what does that mean..forgive just want to be straight here does the article go to different sites and if they do do I know about it not that i would mind but i would like to know about it..thanks

  • Billy (our site director) is a bit swamped with director-related things, but we have received your info and will be getting back with your shortly. I believe he will ask for a sample article, to show your approach and writing angle.

    It will be explained much better when he gets back with you as far as expectations, quality vs. quantity, and subjects.

    Until then,

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