Another Famous Athlete Hunts Ghosts In His Spare Time


Another famous athlete has admitted his love for the paranormal.

Ghost hunting is becoming a little more mainstream these days, and folks from all walks of life are beginning to embrace their spooky side.

The latest famous athlete to attest to their love for the paranormal is Jon Gray, a pitcher on the Colorado Rockies baseball team.  Gray has even spent time at the infamous Stanley Hotel.

“Gray said he wants to go back to the Stanley Hotel—the hotel that inspired the horrifying nightmare mansion from The Shining—during an off-day this season.

“‘I had a lot of fun going back there last season, I really want to go back,’ Gray said. ‘I’d like to go in there and investigate by myself, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’m sure it take quite a bit of pull to get that place to yourself. But it’s a lot of fun.'”

The guy is scary good on the mound, but is he good at getting scared?

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