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Building a Ghostbox

Building a GhostBox

You will need:
1 RadioShack 12-587 Hand held Radio
1 Screw driver of the Phillip nature.
1 Knife/Scissor/Razor
1 Tumbler
3 Ice cubes
1 Bottle of your favorite adult beverage


A GhostBox or as it’s technically known in Latin as An-AM/FM-Radio-Modified-To-Constantly-Sweep-Through-Channels-In-Hopes-That-A-Spirit-Will-Be-Able-To-Communicate-Through-The-White-Noise-Box. Now I’m not proud of name ‘GhostBox’ either, but the alternative is just way too much work and you can’t argue with the truly amazing results. This tool will bring your hunts to the next level no matter where you are as an investigator. Now, you can derive exactly how it works through the Latin name I just made up for it in the previous paragraph, but if I know our reader base (and I do!) you’re here for one thing and one thing only, cold hard technical data. So drop your Online Petition to bring back Firefly and read on friends, this is going to get fun.

By altering the part of the device that stops/locks on channels the radio will constantly ‘sweep’ channels. That is to say cycle through the available range not stopping on any long enough to get any coherent noise from any frequency it happened to be on. This means people who claim the results from these are fake are wrong because no matter who you are it takes longer than 1/10th of a second to say Get Out, Eat Dick, or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, or any other words or phrases ghosts may be trying to communicate to you. It is believed the EM Field developed by the frequencies and antenna allow the spirit to project itself through the speaker and be heard instantaneously. Imagine an EVP with none of the work.

Now keep in mind, you have to have a keen ear for this because it’s very easy to miss something and this time you don’t have the luxury of rewinding, phasing, leveling, or looping. So I would recommend working in pairs with this tool. It’s believed by many that spirits exist on a frequency twice as fast as ours and that can be attributed to their fast movements and EVPs. With the GhostBox constantly scanning frequencies it is believed that it makes communication easier for the spirit.

Step 1 – Opening the package:

Be it a deterrent to theft, necessary for shipping, or plain jackassery on ‘The Shacks’ part, this is a very over packaged hand held AM/FM radio. I opted to use a razor and extract it in a very sloppy manner that photographic evidence will suggest desperation or a pack of wolves.

Step 2 – Screw it!:

All together there are 3 screws; 1 on the back and 2 in the battery compartment. My only suggestion for this is a magnet-tipped screw driver and a safe place to put them such as the Tumbler.

Step 3 – Gettin’ to the goodies:

After removing the back cover you’ll see 2 circuit boards sandwiched together and 3 more screws. Screw em and throw them in the tumbler for safe keeping.

Once those screws are removed gently pull the boards apart.

Step 4 – Circumcision:

With the Speaker to the right, you’ll notice a black rectangle with 14 brass pins. Now, you can either bend or cut (I suggest cut so it only has to be done once and eliminates accidental contact thus stopping the sweep) the pin on the bottom of the left row. Congratulations, you now have in your possession an awesome ghost box.

Step 5 – Put it all back together:

Re-sandwich the circuit board, making sure the pins connect (except the one you removed for obvious reasons). Replace the 3 screws holding the sandwich together. Put the plastic backing back on, 2 screws in the battery compartment 1 on the back.

Step 6 – Celebration:

With a Tumbler empty of screws (no extra parts on this project!) drop 3 ice cubes in

And grab you’re favorite adult beverage off of the top shelf, pour into the tumbler with ice slowly aiming for the ice cubes as to maximize contact with the cold and to lazily stir it for you.

Bring to mouth and enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this article and even more thanks to you if  you found it helpful. I do my best to write in an educational but still  humorous manner. If you have any comments or question please leave them below or contact me directly.

PS: I am aware that Old Crow Bourbon is about as bottom shelf as it gets.

PPS: I’ve also included a RAR file of the full-res pictures of the process in case you need it for reference.

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