Demon Voices EVP

This is one of several audio clips that have been sent to me by good friends living in North Carolina. I’ve assembled this clip into video, along with photo images that were taken on and around their property, which display multiple orb-like shapes and strange mist-like shapes. Except for “beeping” out my friends last name for privacy reasons, this audio is otherwise raw and unedited. They’d discovered a few months back that they could capture “ghost voices” at first using the voice recording feature built into their digital camera, and then eventually with a hand held digital voice recorder which they’d purchased specifically to continue experimenting with EVP recordings. The voices center mostly in or near their garage, which can be seen in the accompanying photos. Whoever or whatever these voices are, they seem to be attracted mainly to Chris, becoming most prominent and most audible when he is doing the recording. While recording, he claims that he can occasionally hear a “fleeting” voice, but that the majority of voices only become apparent on playback of the recording. It is difficult to tell in this, and the other audio clips, exactly how many voices are being heard. There is often the voice of a young girl named “Hannah” (who may, or may not be the voice of his daughter who passed nearly a decade ago) It is only recently though that they’ve started acquiring these very negative and evil sounding voices. Though I’m skeptical on the subject of demons, the names that

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