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I’ve been a web developer for 10 years now and I have created a lot of sites in my time. Some have risen and did great things and some have fallen and left forgotten.

Some time ago I created a site,, along with fellow author of HR Chris. After creating it and adding some content we both fell out of touch with it as we ended up having to devote our time to other projects. This has especially been an issue for me as I tend to take on many projects. Demonicpedia was just one of those projects we were doing for fun, didn’t think anyone would visit, and with that we allowed it to be an exception.

A few months ago it came time to renew the domain. As with most of my online projects I was willing and ready to let it go. But this time I decided to do something different. Even though the site, at that time, hadn’t been touched in ages I checked the stats. To my amazement¬† it got thousands of visitors and even more thousands of visits per month.

So I decided to let it live. But again… other projects called my name and I answered their call over Demonicpedia.

Then yesterday morning I was staring at a list of all my domains and kept catching my eye. I decided to give it another look and man… I really do like that site. I decided to give it a little more TLC and see what happens with it.

Later that afternoon, oddly, Chris IMs me and says he’s been thinking about the site a lot. I told him of my morning and we both agreed it was just weird. So we looked at it again and as I was looking at my stats I decided to see where all the damn hits were coming from. To my amazement, yet again, Demonicpedia was mentioned and linked ALL OVER THE WEB. The most amazing part… we have a mention at WIKIPEDIA! YES THE WIKIPEDIA!

Apparently this is one project I should have never overlooked. Chris and myself have vowed to restore this website and fill it with tons of useful content. To that end I have added a few new features there and we’ve both added some new demons to the listing.

I invite everyone to check it and spread the word even further!

Demonicpedia: The Online Demon Encyclopedia

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